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Clip Retail Limited
Terms and Conditions of Sale
11th July 2023

Terms Overview

Thank you for thinking of buying from Clip Retail Ltd (referred to as ‘Clip’ ‘we’ ‘us’ ‘our’ in these terms and conditions). We take our responsibilities to our customer very seriously. Part of this is having in place a set of terms and conditions that apply to purchases from us. We have written these to make them as easy as possible to follow and understand. If you have any questions at all about these terms, how they apply to you and any order you place, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below:

Phone: 08000 448 411
Email: hello@clip.shop
Post: 71-75 Shelton Street
Covent Garden

These terms and conditions, referred to as ‘Terms’, will apply to any purchase you make from Clip. Please read them all. You cannot make a purchase without agreeing to these terms, so you must make sure you are happy with them before you place your order. When we refer to ‘you’ or ‘your’ in these Terms it is a reference to the person reading the Terms and, in the case of someone buying from us, it means the person making the purchase. The Terms apply only to orders placed via the Clip website and they do not affect or limit your statutory rights.

We may, from time to time, change and update these Terms. This is to ensure that they are up to date, reflect the law, and protect both of us. Any changes we make to the Terms will be effective as soon as they are published on our website, but they will not apply retrospectively to any Orders that you have placed prior to them coming into effect.


1.1. Throughout these terms we use words with the first letter capitalised. Where we do this it’s to indicate that the word in question has a very specific meaning. The table below outlines what each of these words are, and the meaning that they have in these terms. "Bespoke Items" and "Made to Measure Items": Goods which are made-to-measure or made to your specifications, custom-made or made-to-measure, or otherwise customised or personalised. "Contract": the legally binding contract for the purchase and sale of the Goods through the Website. "Goods": any products which we make available for sale through the Website. "Event(s) Outside Our Control": any act or event beyond our reasonable control which may hinder or prevent production or delivery of your Goods. These acts and events may include, but aren’t restricted to, strikes, lock-outs or other industrial action, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war, natural disasters, pandemics, lack of availability of raw materials or production capacity, and/or failure of public or private telecommunications networks; "Order": an order for Goods which you submit to us through the Website using our online ordering system. “Snap Finance”: Snap Finance Ltd, the provider of a credit facility. Clip Retail Ltd (Company number 13800014) are an Authorised Representative of Snap Finance Ltd. Snap Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with Reference Number 741813. “Newpay” Newpay is a revolving credit product offering customers an instant credit decision with the ability to instantly spend, with a credit limit of up to £5,000. “Deko” Deko is a credit broker, not a lender and does not charge you for credit broking services. They will introduce you exclusively to Newpay finance products provided by NewDay Limited under this Introducer Appointed Representative arrangement. Clip Retail Ltd (Company Number 13800014) is an Introducer Appointed Representative of Pay4Later Limited, trading as Deko, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 728646). “Website”: the Clip website which can be found at www.clip.shop

2. Placing an Order

2.1. Once you have chosen all of the items that you wish to purchase from us you must complete the checkout process on our Website. This will involve you providing us with all of your information, such as name, contact information, delivery and billing address; double checking your basket to ensure that you are happy with your choices; and providing us with your payment information. Once you have completed this process you will be required to click the ‘Place Order ’ button. Please take the time to ensure that all the information you provide is accurate, and that you are happy with everything that you are ordering. Whilst we will try our best to deal with any errors that you may make, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to, and we will have no liability to you arising from our inability to do so.

2.2. Prior to being able to place your Order you will need to have read, and agreed to, these Terms. If you do not agree to these Terms you must not proceed. These Terms will apply to you once you have confirmed, by ticking the relevant box, that you have read and agreed to these Terms. 2.3. We recommend that you print and retain a copy of these Terms for future reference. If you have any questions relating to these Terms please contact us by email or call us free of charge on 08000 448 411 for further assistance.

2.4. We do not sell to anyone under the age of 18 and reserve the right to seek confirmation of your age prior to accepting any Order from you.

2.5. We only sell to people in the United Kingdom and will not ship any Goods outside of the United Kingdom. When you are completing your Order the Website will calculate your shipping charges. Please do note that for certain product types we cannot ship to some of the remote parts of the United Kingdom. If this is the case for products you wish to place you will be told by the Website as part of the purchase process.

2.6. We do not sell business to business. If we have reason to believe that you are making a purchase from us, not as a consumer, but as a business, we reserve the right to reject your order and we will have no liability to you arising from this decision.

2.7. By placing an Order you are making us an offer to purchase the Goods in the Order. We do not have to accept this offer. If we do not accept your Order we will tell you that we have done so, but do not have to explain why. If we have taken any form of payment from you prior to rejecting your Order we will refund all money paid without delay and, in any event, within 30 days.

2.8. If we accept your Order we will send to you, via email, an Order Confirmation. Please review this carefully to ensure that it reflects what you have Ordered and, if you are ordering any Bespoke Items, or Made to Measure Items, the bespoke elements, or measurements, are correct. A binding contract, on these Terms, only comes into existence upon us providing you with the Order Confirmation.

2.9. We reserve the right to alter the Goods or the specification of the Goods at any point prior to them being despatched if we are required to do so by law. If this happens, we will notify you as soon as possible. We will not process your Order until you have confirmed your wish to proceed.

2.10. If, following us confirming that we accept your Order, you wish to make any changes, please get in contact with us and we will do what we can to accommodate this. Except for where you are exercising your rights of cooling-off (as described below) we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate any specific request or change and will have no liability to you if we cannot. If the request relates to the bespoke, or made to measure, elements of any Bespoke Items, or Made to Measure Items we may be unable to agree to the changes, or may have to charge you extra money, if our suppliers have already started manufacturing your Goods using this information.

3. Price and Payment

3.1. All prices for Goods listed on our Website are inclusive of any VAT.

3.2. We try our best to ensure that the prices on our Website are correct. Mistakes can happen, though, and if at any time during the order process we notice that Goods you have ordered are priced incorrectly what we do depends on the nature of the mistake.

3.3. If the actual price of the Goods is higher than what was stated on the Website and in your Order, we will cancel your Order and refund any money that you have paid up to that point. We will explain to you why this has happened and you will have the opportunity to purchase the Goods at the correct, higher, price.

3.4. If the actual price of the Goods is lower than what was stated on the Website and in your Order, we will notify you of this and refund you the difference between the price you have paid, and the correct, lower, price that you should have paid.

3.5. We offer two ways of paying for your Goods, paying upfront, or paying using credit. Details of both methods are outlined below.

3.6. You can pay for your Goods, in full, up front. The price payable, including any delivery charges, will be indicated at the ordering stage of the order process. We accept payment from all major credit and debit cards.

3.7. All credit and debit card payments that are made on our Website are protected by a secure connection. This secure connection ensures that your credit and debit card is encrypted prior to transfer to the bank for authorisation.

3.8. As an additional security measure, no credit or debit card details submitted online are stored directly by us once your Order has been processed. They are stored in encrypted form by our payment providers, Stripe. Paying for your Goods using credit

3.9. Alternatively, you can chose to pay for your Order via credit. This is where you pay for your Goods in your Order in a series of instalments, over an agreed period of time, whilst also paying interest on the total value of the Goods that you purchase using the credit.

3.10. We work with two credit providers, Snap Finance and NewDay. Clip acts as an Appointed Representative of Snap Finance and an Introducer Appointed Representative of Deko. This means that it’s not actually us assessing your credit history, or making any decisions regarding whether to provide you with credit or not. This responsibility is at the lenders sole discretion and we have no liability to you they do not offer you credit for your purchase, or if the terms of any credit offered are not what you were wanting, or expecting.

3.11. If you wish to make payment for your Order via credit then you should select this option during the checkout process. This will then redirect you to either Snap Finance’s credit application process, which is hosted by Snap Finance on a different website or NewPay.

3.12. You must complete either Snap Finance’s or NewDay’s credit application process, providing them with all the information they request. The lender will then complete a credit check against you, and assess what credit, if any, they are willing to offer.

3.13. If either lender rejects your credit application you will be notified of this and you will be redirected back to our Website and will be given the choice to pay for your Goods upfront, as outlined above, or to not proceed with your Order.

3.14. If either Snap Finance or NewDay offers you credit then you must review the offer and ensure you are happy with it, and can afford it, prior to accepting the offer. Once you have accepted the offer you will be entering into a contract with either Snap Finance or NewDay for the finance provided, and you will pay Snap Finance or NewDay on an ongoing basis.

3.15. Snap Finance or NewDay will notify us once you have accepted their offer of credit and this will then trigger us sending to you your Order Confirmation. Snap Finance or NewDay will then pay us for the value of the Goods they are financing and we will continue with providing you with your Goods in accordance with these Terms.

3.16. If, at any time, you fail to pay any instalment due to Snap Finance or NewDay this may have an impact on your credit record. If you have any concerns regarding your ability to pay any instalments due to Snap Finance or NewDay you must contact them directly and discuss this with them. Once we have delivered your Goods to you, save for any warranty issues that may arise, we will have completed our contractual obligations to you and will be unable to assist.

3.17 Alternatively, we have also partnered with Klarna who offer the facility of pay in 3 instalments interest free or pay in 30 days. Further details regarding Klarna can be found here.

4. Delivery

4.1. We aim to deliver the Goods in your Order as soon as we can after we have sent your Order Confirmation.

4.2. The costs of your delivery will be clearly shown during the Order process.

4.3. We will send you an email to confirm when the Goods in your Order have been despatched and will, if possible, provide you with tracking information so that you know when to expect delivery.

4.4. If your Order comprises a number of different Goods we may complete delivery in a number of instalments. If any additional delivery charges are due this will be clearly shown during the Order process. In some cases, depending on your location, our delivery partners may incur additional costs that surpass our standard delivery charges. Although these extra fees might not be visible during the checkout process, we assure you of our commitment to promptly inform you of any such charges. Before we proceed with your order, we will reach out to you to detail any additional fees and obtain your approval.

4.5. All deliveries will be pre-booked and must be signed for. If you are out when our delivery partners arrive, they will leave a card, send an email or text message with a contact number for you to call them and arrange a delivery at a future date. If our delivery partners attempt to deliver on 2 separate occasions, and you are not around to accept the delivery your order will be cancelled, and refund any money you have paid, less the delivery costs.

4.6. For certain Goods we offer our enhanced ‘Premium Delivery Service’ for an additional charge. The charges for this service will be outlined to you during the final stages of the Order process. If you choose the Premium Delivery Service our expert Premium Delivery Service team will carefully install your new Goods in your home, exactly where you want them (subject to access). Prior to our Premium Delivery Service team arriving at your house please make sure that the areas you want the Goods placed is cleared. Please also make sure that the room you wish the Goods to be placed in is large enough to take the Goods. Once at your house our Premium Delivery Service team will bring the Goods into your house and, where required, assemble them for you and take away all of the packaging and rubbish. To make sure you are completely satisfied with your product the delivery team will ask you to sign for your product after is has been installed.

4.7. Our Premium Delivery Service team cannot complete any electrical works beyond plugging an electrical item into existing wall sockets, and will not install, or complete any work on any gas mains. If any Goods require electrical work to be completed, or are to be fitted to a gas main, it is your responsibility to obtain suitable professional assistance, at your cost, to complete this.

4.8. Some of our Goods require you to assemble them. Where this is the case we will make this clear to you on the Goods’ description on the Website. When self-assembly Goods are delivered please unpack them as soon as you can to check that all relevant parts are included and in undamaged condition.

4.9. If any of your Goods are delivered damaged, or are not as you expected, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can sort the issue out for you.

4.10. You will become the owner of the Goods at the time of delivery provided we have received payment in full.

5. Your Rights

5.1. As a consumer you have a number of rights, outlined in the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and related laws and regulations. The table below outlines these rights. Summary of your key legal rights The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says goods must be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. During the expected lifespan of your Goods your legal rights entitle you to the following:

  • Up to 30 days: if your Goods are faulty, then you can get a refund.
  • Up to six months: if your Goods can't be repaired or replaced, then you're entitled to a full refund, in most cases.
  • Up to six years: if your Goods do not last a reasonable length of time you may be entitled to some money back.

5.2. In addition to the above, you may have the right to ‘cooling-off’. Cooling-off gives you a period of 14 days, running from the day on which your Goods are delivered to you, during which time you can change your mind about your purchase and return the Goods to us for a full refund.

5.3. You will not have the right to Cooling-Off in relation to the following types of Goods:

5.3.1. Bespoke Items and/or Made to Measure Items: These are Goods that have been produced and suppled to unique specifications provided by you. For example, a watch with a custom engraving would be deemed to be a Bespoke Item and a piece of furniture made to fit your measurements would be a Made to Measure Item. Don’t worry, though, simply selecting a colour from a range of colours available or your Goods being made to order does not fall within the scope of Bespoke Items or Made to Measure Items. We will always make it very clear to you if what you are ordering is a Bespoke Item or a Made to Measure Item and that, if you proceed with your Order, you will not be entitled to return it to us using the right of ‘Cooling Off’. This does not limit your rights if the Bespoke Item or a Made to Measure Item is faulty, damaged, not made to the specification we agreed to make it to, or not as described.

5.3.2. Pillows or mattress protectors that have been taken out of their sealed packaging.

5.3.3. Mattresses or divan beds that have been used.

5.3.4. Self-assembly items that have been damaged during assembly.

5.3.5. Semi-fitted wardrobes, whether or not assembled by us.

5.4. If you wish to exercise your right of cooling-off then please get in contact with us to let us know. THIS MUST BE DONE WITHIN 14 DAYS OF YOU HAVING RECEIVED THE GOODS. Alternatively you can complete the Cancellation Form, which can be found here: Cancellation Form and return this to us.

5.5. If you exercise your rights to cooling-off it is your responsibility to ensure that the Goods are returned to us in a saleable condition. We may agree to collect the Goods you are returning from you. You must cover the costs of returning the Goods, or us collecting them, and they must be back with us within 14 days of you having told us that you are returning them to us.

5.6. If the Goods arrive back with us and they are damaged, or are not in a saleable condition, we will deduct from any refund a reasonable sum of money to compensate us for the damage, or reduction in sale price we can achieve for the Goods in question.

5.7. Where you have paid for your Goods upfront we will refund any money due to you, including any delivery charges paid, but less any deductions as outlined above, within 30 days of us having received the Goods back.

5.8. Where you have paid for your Goods using credit from Snap Finance or Newpay we will notify the lender that you have returned the Goods to us and the lender will liaise with you regarding the termination / refund of your finance arrangement with them, and any charges that may be payable as a result of such termination. We strongly recommend that you read the lenders terms and conditions carefully, paying particular attention to terms relating to withdrawing from your agreement with them.

6. Warranties

6.1. Some of the Goods we sell are provided with extended warranties. If any Goods we supply fail during their warranty period then please get in contact with us and we will do what we can to assist you in obtaining a warranty repair or replacement. In some circumstances you may have to go to the manufacturer directly to obtain a warranty repair or replacement. If this is the case we will provide you with reasonable assistance in doing so.

7. Our Website

7.1. Images (including photographs and videos) of Goods displayed on our Website are for illustrative purposes only. They may not be representative of the actual size of the Goods. Also, we cannot guarantee that the way your computer displays colours will accurately reflect the colours of the Goods. The pictures represented on the Website are a guideline to what the Goods are but the actual Goods that you select based on options will be summarised on the product detail page and this will be presented within the shopping basket, prior to you submitting your Order

7.2. As far as reasonably possible all Goods featured to buy on our Website are either in stock and available at the time of placing an Order or are produced specifically upon us receiving an Order for them. Where this is the case the anticipated lead-time for delivery of those Goods will be published on our Website.

7.3. We may, on occasion, make special online discounts and promotional offers. These discounts and offers may be subject to their own specific terms and conditions stated on the Website as well as these Terms.

8. Liability

8.1. We are liable to you for any losses that you may suffer arising from us breaching our obligations to you under these Terms, or as a result of our negligence (for example, if we, or our delivery partners, cause damage to your home when delivering or assembling your Goods).

8.2. We are not liable to you where the loss in question is:

  • Unexpected. It was not obvious that it would happen and nothing you said to us before we accepted your order meant we should have expected it (so, in the law, the loss was unforeseeable).
  • Caused by an Event Outside Our Control. As long as we have taken the steps set out in section 11.2.
  • Avoidable. Something you could have avoided by taking reasonable action, including following our reasonable instructions for use.
  • A business loss. It relates to your use of Goods for the purposes of your trade, business, craft or profession.

9. Your information

9.1. We understand how important your personal data is to you. That’s why we take protecting it so seriously.

9.2. Our privacy policy, which can be found here, Privacy Policy, clearly tells you what personal data we collect, how we use it, and what your rights are in respect of your personal data.

9.3. If you have any questions about how we handle your personal data, wish to make a complaint about how we handle your personal data, or wish to exercise any of your rights under the Data Protection Act 2018 then please contact us at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden London, WC2H 9JQ or email us at hello@clip.shop.

9.4. We may collect and use your personal data in accordance with current data protection legislation and our privacy policy.

10. Complaints and Remarks

10.1. If you have a complaint or a particular remark to make please do not hesitate to contact us immediately by telephone or email. We strive to offer the best service possible and treat all complaints with the utmost seriousness. Of course, we also love positive feedback, so if you want to pass on any positive feedback we will be delighted to receive it.

10.2. Any complaint will be dealt with fairly, effectively and confidentially. Your statutory rights as a consumer are unaffected.

11. Other Important legal terms

11.1. If any part of these Terms is unenforceable (including any provision in which we exclude our liability to you) the enforceability of any other part of these Terms will not be affected.

11.2. We will not be responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these Terms which are caused by an Event Outside Our Control. If an Event Outside Our Control takes place that affects our ability to comply with our obligations to you under these Terms we will contact you as soon as we can to notify you. In these circumstances our obligations to you under these Terms will be suspended for the duration of the Event Outside Our Control.

11.3. Each section of these Terms operates separately. If any of these sections (or any part of any section) is found by any court or relevant authority to be unlawful or unenforceable, the other sections (or part of the section in question) shall not be affected and shall remain in full force and effect. If any section of these Terms is found to be unlawful or unenforceable but would be lawful and enforceable if some part of the section were deleted, the section in question shall apply with such deletion as may be necessary to make it lawful and enforceable.

11.4. If we fail to insist that you perform any of your obligations under these Terms, or if we do not enforce our rights against you, or if we delay in doing so, that will not mean that we have waived our rights against you and will not mean that you do not have to comply with those obligations. If we do waive a breach by you, we will do so only in writing, but that will not mean that we automatically waive any later breach by you.

11.5. We may perform any of our obligations or exercise any of our rights under the Contract ourselves or where applicable, through any other persons (legal or otherwise) or entities.

11.6. We may transfer our rights and obligation under a Contract to another organisation but this will not affect your rights or our obligations under these Terms. You may only transfer your rights or your obligations under these Terms to another person if we agree in writing to such a transfer. These Terms together with our current Website prices, delivery details, contact details and privacy policy set out the whole of our agreement relating to the supply of Goods to you by us.

11.7. Neither of us may change the Terms of the contract between us, once it has been created, without the agreement in writing of the other.

12. Financial Ombudsman Service

12.1. We aim to offer our customers complete peace of mind. If you have a query or concerns about your credit agreement, or an application which was referred or declined, please contact Snap Finance Ltd on 03300 109381.

12.2. For any other queries or complaints about the provision of credit please contact us at hello@clip.shop . If you are still dissatisfied, you are entitled to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service. Find out about the Financial Ombudsman Service and specific dispute queries at financial-ombudsman.org.uk.

13. Governing law and jurisdiction

13.1. We really hope there is no reason for either of us to need to worry about this. But in the event there is a problem, and we are unable to sort it out between us, then these Terms will be read in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

13.2. If either of us has to go to court against the other, the courts of England and Wales shall have the non-exclusive right to hear that dispute. What this means for you is that you can choose to bring a claim against us in England and Wales but, if you are resident in Northern Ireland or Scotland, you can choose your more local court should you want to do so.

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